I've been taking photographs since growing up on a farm in Minnesota.  Cameras were part of childhood as my mom was into camera gear and taking pictures ... mostly of flowers and nature.  I believe my first camera was a Brownie Instamatic.  

At the time I remember photography being so cool because you experienced the image twice ... once while taking it ... and then when the developed film came back days or weeks later.  There was anticipation to see if the photograph turned out close to the image held in my mind.  That's still true with digital photography today but the anticipation time is much shortened from seeing the image to seeing the finished photograph.

Nature photography puts me into a "being in the moment" mindset.  Being an observer more than a photographer.  Letting an image present itself versus seeking it out.   Photography is a form of meditation.

A number of years ago we sold our house and became nomads living on a sailboat in the Pacific Northwest and traveling in a camper van.  Currently  we maintain a home base in Minneapolis where we have family and friends.  We continue to spend time in the Pacific Northwest and travel.